F*$% Environmental Vandals, make comics.

F*$% Environmental Vandals, make comics.

There is something quietly awful about the world we live in. On the surface it is amazing with technologically awe inspiring gadgets and the ability to freely eat whatever we like.

We have unshackled ourselves from the constant demands of shelter and food that had tied the hands of humans for most of our existence.

But this freedom comes at a cost. An environmental cost. Like a splinter in the back of our mind it gnaws away at us. The guilt of driving our cars and throwing out plastic. In this sense we are all complicit in this global crime.

Then there are the few people who deliberately set out to harm our little blue ball. This is generally in the name of money, but not always. F*$% those people.

What do to about it?

Of course we are all mindful of our environmental impact and i'm sure you are already doing whatever you can to save money and help out the planet. But its the vandals that really piss us off.

So Create.

Creating anything can help. Art can change the world. Emotion connects us together. One image can flip the issue on its head. From Vietnam to Syrian refugees these powerful still lives highlight the inequalities of our world. Art does this like nothing else.

My poison of choice is comics. I love them. They are these amazing little worlds of capes and stories and adventures. But often they are glossy. They are given a veneer of depth but it is only surface deep. Of course there is a huge variety of creators that are creating deep, inspiring work. Also there is nothing wrong with a popcorn comic. They are great.

But I'd love to see some more issue probing comics. Where are the comics about exploitation of minorities, inequality and the experience of living in the modern world? They exist but they can be tricky to find.

Simple ways to make a difference:

  1. Go create
  2. Create stuff that you deeply care about.
  3. Anything post this is just gravy.

What you still doing reading this? Get creating. Then send me a link to it : )

I am currently creating my first major comic called Death of the Commons. It is Tin tin meets Mad Max set in Australia. You can read it here. Join the mailing list here.