Half finished posts. The desire to get it bloody done.

oh something good is on the tele
I have a problem. Well i have alot of problems some bigger than others.

I struggle to finish stuff.

I have a brilliant idea and I start doing it, it bubbling away in my head. I'm the kid that forgets to eat his icecream after wanting one all day because he has discovered an odd shaped rock. How did it get to be that shape? Was it someones rock? Anyone know a rock engineer?

Melted icecream. Its happened all my life. From half finished fish tanks in old Tele's to a comic that i've now made bigger than ben hurr, i've always struggled to stay the course and get it bloody done.

Your probably thinking come on Trent get to the end of this and tell me the solution as I'm a suffer to. Sorry mate no amazing tingling-in-your-pants feeling from cracking the problem here.

If your a sufferer of this first world problem disease you know, it sucks.

So whats a man (or woman i'm not sexist) going to do?

Let me think for a minute i'm making this up as I go along. haha.

Jokes jokes.

The Grind. Yeah i like that name. Lets call it that. The Grind is the unrelenting pursuit even if you end up hating yourself and the world desire to get it done. it is the girlfriend that just won't stop nagging until you put the bins out.

First it has to be all consuming. It has to dominate your thoughts and require constant attention. From first thing in the morning to when you go to bed late at night (because of course your up late working on your project) you have to be thinking about it. Once you start it is remarkably easy to constantly think about something.

Oh before we continue.

You have to love your project. You have to be passionate about it. "But Trent how do I know if i'm passionate about it?" Ignore those people who say they just knew, that isn't us. They are off in candy land building fantastic things and making us feel like shit for not creating more.

The only way you can know if you love something is to try it. Try as much stuff as you can, everyone loves something. If you don't you just haven't found it yet.

Next is habit. Do something on your project or passion everyday. From just thinking about it to making. But don't forget to make. Thinking is just thinking it isn't producing and it won't get you any closer to what you want.
I should practice what I preach.

Get as involved in the world you love as much as possible. From joining the local rowing team to annoying the living hell out of people you admire on twitter, whatever just "get amongst it"
Go on, make the queen happy