Modern Life and anxious times (Poetry)

WIndows and boxes. Alerts and updates. Statuses and proclamations. Hottest and last year. God is dead. Grab the cord. Clutch the scissors. The insision deep. Maybe not deep enough. The feed inserts. The heart quickens. This is it. This will be the time. Feeling?! Excitement. Dilated pupils. Curled toes and fingers. Alas. Nothing. Dead cold. beep. beep. Status update. "looking good". Beep. The longing gone. The heart tired. Excitement gone. The heart dead. Its time to forget. Drowning in tin cans and disco. I'll go out. The fire will be huge. But no fire, only gutters and police reports. Someone was going to cry. At your funeral. But there was a sale. Torn away. "But i got 40% off" Moss goes on tombstones. and you continue to be dead.